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First Building Block published January 5th, 2006

The first building block has been published. It makes it easy to add Bible search and passage lookup to any web page (that has PHP available…). It uses the Seek First/Living Stones web services so that the web developer has access to the growing list of public domain Bible translations at Seek First without having to duplicate all of the Bible content on his own web server. (In other words, your visitors will stay on your site under your control – they won’t be sent to another site to read the Bible.)

We’ve been working on perfecting this through the Seek First portal, which now obviously uses this building block.

As with any other building block we will publish, this is “open source” software, under the Living Stones license (meaning the software can only be used to glorify God, which should isn’t very restrictive since we are commended to do everything to His glory!). Folks are encouraged to take the software, modify it to meet their specific needs (e.g. hard-code selection of a specific translation) and drop it into the HTML/CSS code on their web-pages.

One Response to “First Building Block published”

  1. Chris Anderson Says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for this web service. I’ve been looking for one like this for a while. I’m primarily a flash developer but am pretty good with other web technologies too. I’m hoping to utilize this web service sometime in the near future on a project I’ve thinking about. If all goes well and I get to work on it I’ll probably let you know again and give credit to you on the site for the web service.

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