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Fascinating Barna Research February 7th, 2006

The Barna Group has a new study out on the use of technology by Americans with breakdowns by faith categories.

Here are some of the interesting quotes:

“The research also points out that born again Christians account for a significant slice – 40%, to be exact – of the consumer technology market. In fact, evangelical Christians – who are a subset of the born again segment – are more likely than the norm to have cell phones, desktop computers, and Internet access.”

“The lure of the Internet is one major reason why Americans have integrated computers into their lives. Currently, two-thirds of adults have Internet access from home (67%), up 34% since 2000. In fact, among the fastest-growing technologies in America is high-speed Internet access, which has nearly doubled since 2003. Overall, 41% of Americans have such robust Internet hookups, split virtually down the middle between those using DSL and those relying upon cable for their high-speed connection.”

“Kinnaman also commented on the role of technology in shaping the faith of Americans. ‘Families should pay particular attention to how they use technology and how it shapes their children’s lifestyles and attitudes. Congregational leaders should strive to integrate media and technology into the efforts of the church – but within the boundaries of their ministry vision and values. Because technology is so diverse and is changing so quickly, no church can be all things technological to all people. America is now a nation of many mission fields – that is, a country filled with divergent micro-audiences, each using different media and technologies to make their lives work. Church leaders would benefit from having a clear sense about what audiences they reach, how they can use technology to deepen ministry relevance, and how they can help congregants develop biblical perspectives about the ever-changing world of technology.'”

This is why Living Stones exists.

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