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Titles and in-line comments January 5th, 2006

For the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of work with the World English Bible translation. The source document I’ve been using is in the General Bible Format. This means there’s relatively rich information, including chapter titles, titles within chapters (e.g. the sections of Psalm 119), in-line comments, information about formatting (e.g. red letters for Christ’s words, centered poetry sections, right alignment for “Selah”, etc.).

In my initial upload of this translation, I tried to capture some of this (especially formatting) but – although this looked cool – it caused problems when someone wanted to look at a verse or two out of the context of the whole chapter (formatting tags might be opened, but not closed, or vice versa). While I was in cleaning that up, I decided to better capture the titles and in-line comments.

Everything seems to be working well now, so you can check out some examples, like the chapter title to Psalm 51, the section titles in Psalm 119, and the comment to the name Yahweh in Psalms 1:2 (click the asterisk).

I welcome any feedback!

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